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isco anamorphic lens review Now that I have it A short test of the ISCO Mini anamorphic lens. I also ordered the kenko in Japan to focus at a reduced distance. 5 X SANKYOSCOPE Ref Bolex Isco Isco Iscorama 50mm F2. 01ft so be clear this listing is for 39 Anamorphic lens black Runco 1. 33x XL Lens featuring True Cinemascope Experience Eliminates Letterbox Bars Expands 4 3 Images to 16 9 Works with Large Projectors Lenses Easy Deployment Mechanisms. 8 lens and various 2x Anamorphic Lens attachments. 90 99 . Most people just rent anamorphic lenses but even then they are expensive to rent. We are a young independent company with pioneer design of products for all anamorphic uses. 35 1 theater systems. I 39 m selling my Gen 1 Nikon 70 200mm f 2. 8 to finance this project will upgrade that lens at a later date . Identical size glass. 37 1 CinemaScope setup which is also used in the real movie theaters. Anamorphic lens lits attach to the front filter thread of a prime lens and double the horizontal view. A little clumsier than its competitors but a great lens. Shot with 5D Mark III and Magic Lantern May 21 2017 The 2x Isco anamorphic lens is on sale on . Join The Camera Sharing Community. 6 Jan 2017 Isco Anamorphic lenses are the best and most versatile anamorphic lenses for DSLRs. 39 1. The main lens needs to be around 45mm on a 16 9 Super35 sensor or 70mm on a full frame one this can vary slightly depending on the base anamorphic lens you use . com I found this IIRC one of the main improvements between the ISCO 2 and 3 was the significant increase in lens diameter the ISCO 2 and ISCO 3 are very different beasts so don 39 t make the mistake of thinking that if you find an ISCO 2 at a good price that you are getting something similar to the ISCO 3. Filming in the Desert with an Anamorphic lens and a CineMorph Filter while at NAB in Las Vegas Nevada. Good condition Both the Lens and Cineslide 2400 Isco Anamorphic 2x Centavision Lens International buyers outside the European Union Please note Import duties taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. Our anamorphic lens kits are cinema grade lenses adaptable for modern DSLR and cinema cameras. There isnt much information about it online except for the fact that it was the only 16mm anamorphic adapter designed for projection AND production. It hasn 39 t been easy at times to understand the concept or more correctly relay the concept to customers in a manner they can understand. ISCO Optic 112mm Long Throw Fixed Lens 4. 35 1 aspect ratio it will show more cover art and ALL of the list info title actors directors rating release year genre run time on the screen when browsing. There is no fungus coating loss haze or mark. This results in unique lens flares and beautiful painted bokeh that brings an image apart from the typical spherical look. See more ideas about Anamorphic Lens Isco. It also allows you to focus a lot closer than your regular anamorphic lens. Feb 17 2016 They thought to avoid confusion in thier line they named the Schneider branded lenses quot M quot and quot XL quot which was confusing IMO but Schneider didn 39 t take input from me like Isco did. Slr magic 18mm f2. It takes a bit of practice to dial in your taking lens and anamorphic lens but once you get it right it becomes easy to rack focus. Isco Anamorphic Lens VS CineMorph Filter. Tags dump truck anamorphic lens flare Iscorama Oakland dust and Colorista Camera Nikon F80 ISCO G ttingen Anamorphic Lens 2X Film Kodak Vision 3 250D 5207 Dev amp Scan hyperdev. Shipment is included within Europe. The Moment anamorphic lens has reviews that are positive and can be used across a range of models. The Isco IIIS and the Schneider quot M quot are the same lens made by the same machines and poeple with a different focus ring. 55 am middot 2018 05 10 07. Taken with a Nikkor H 85mm F 1. Isco Ultra Star Cinemascope anamorphic lens 1. 66 1 or 2. The taking lens used with the ISCO is a vintage Vivitar 135mm f 2. Some lenses like the Isco Micro Anamorphic Lens can perform well with full frame cameras and provide a wide anamorphic view. yout Mar 09 2015 2. The Isco lenses use an internal cam type mechanism to extend the exit element of the lens in and out the lens changes length with focus setting . 5X Gottingen Anamorphic Pre 36 Lens M42 To Nik Jan 05 2017 There are also a few more anamorphic lens reviews on the website that haven t been featured in this video Sankor 16F A great alternative to Kowa Vidoscope if you will have trouble finding one. Jul 04 2017 Anamorphic Projector Lenses. 20 ratio and when viewed using an anamorphic lens you lose a bit of the top and bottom of the film. 62mm back thread camera side. Adds a bit of weight to an already heavy setup for me. 33x fast zoom vari focal 46 85mm F2. First of all the lens comes with Mar 09 2015 2. 33x and now we come to a third type the ISCO WIDE SCREEN 2000 1. 8 lens focused at infinity with an iscorama anamorphic compression module 1968 version also focused at infinity mounted on the 85mm with the front objective from a Lentar 400mm lens reverse mounted on the Isco. The function of the ISCO lens is to optically stretch a 4 3 image horizontally into 16 9 format. Projection Lenses. 33. It 39 s not Isco Ultra Star Anamorphic Adapter Review how to buy an anamorphic lens flowchart nbsp Film Riot Episode where Ryan Connolly and crew explain and test these exact lenses clamps and filters from Vid Atlantic. 5. Close focus can be achieved through use of diopters. 8 sony e fe cine lens. For fans of CinemaScopestyle 2. Jul 09 2015 Welcome to my second Anamorphic Lens Review. Similarly the image is also brighter. Next you must electronically stretch the movie in a vertical direction to ensure that it uses all 1080 rows of pixels. Serial no 613194. Scroll . Enter the letters you see in the image without spaces . Jun 15 2014 Explore Carissa Lynelle 39 s board quot Anamorphic Lens quot followed by 438 people on Pinterest. Indoor shots with no lens diffusion Leica R 50mm Summicron Between F4 F5. 8 Feb 20 2016 So far my anamorphic journey took me through a few quite different low budget solutions including Proskar 16 2x Century Optex 1. Anamorphic Cinematography Series We took the Isco Micro Single Focus Anamorphic Lens kit to Alaska on the Panasonic GH5. You can remove the backup lens from the scope attachment and replace it with any brand Isco Schneider Sankor even Berthiot etc. Aussiemorphic. 5x squeeze factor and sharp across the full width of the frame. hi all in a bid to distinguish myself from the crowd i have bough a couple of old school anamorphic projection lenses. 33x XL Lens May 18 2014 The original forum devoted to anamorphic filmmaking. military base in Alabama. All I m doing is mounting a 1. ISCO also had other lines of projector lenses such as the ISCO Cinelux ISCO Ultra MC ISCO Super Kiptar and ISCO Cinelux Xenon. We were recently asked by a few people Whats the difference in shooting anamorphic or not . Here we 39 re posting it in all its anamorphic glory since it IS a lens test after all. 8 Anamorphic lens Nikon focusing lens Native mount to camera M42 Praktica Pentax screw mount SIRUI Lens for Phones Upgraded Version Anamorphic Cinema Wide Angle Telephoto Micro Fisheye Portrait Lens Auxiliary Camera Attachment Lens with Clip Adapter Anamorphic 4. Talk lenses adapters workflows and sell your anamorphic lenses here. Kowa 2x Anamorphic Lens. See four test shots from the FM Lens HERE. Made of high quality aluminium alloy. Topic Bausch Lomb and Isco 35mm anamorphic scope projector lens Steve Beverly Film Handler Posts 83 From El Paso Tx. anamorphicstore. It wasn 39 t a good idea to fit a clamp straight onto the taking lens. 70mm films are a 2. Cast Stu Maschwitz. Thank you. Anamorphic Shop. i could have bought an actual anamorphic lens for a camera but where 39 s the Re ISCO Anamorphic Lens System with Sled Assembly new lower price Members Log in to store this reply to your account for future reference and to remove the Live User Verification test. A great example of Anamorphic lenses on DSLRs. I think a sensible approach to CIH is to match a projector to a lens. Anamorphic scope as a printed film format however is well established as a standard for widescreen projection. You could probably Franken something close but the ISCO 2001 is a nice little compact package. Bernie from Super16 inc recently saved its life from possibly a terrible destiny. At the time of this writing nbsp Results 1 16 of 97 Rear elements are extremelySchneider Optics Cine Digitar 1. All of the pixels are used by eliminating the 39 black bars so the perceived resolution of the image is greater. 40 1 but not ratios in between. I hope you found this overview useful. Desired for it s vintage cinema wide screen ratio as well as it s superb and unique flaring. 33x anamorphic lens brings the cinematic letterbox look and character of 2. It is important to me to have 2. 91 1 not the traditonal 1920 x a suitable adapter can be used on camerathere are front and back caps Isco weedcreen attachment There are light pricks no scratches on the lenses 16 Apr 2017 Isco Ultra Star Modern 2x Anamorphic Lens Review. As this is a private sale I will exclude return and warranty. The lenses have been rebuilt and made for DSLR filmmakers custom clamp focus gear and front filter. Then I plan on using an Isco either mini or not 2x anamorphic lens on top of that preferably with a screw less attachment system. I didn 39 t have a ND filter with me at the time. 2x ANAMORPHIC Primes 32mm 40mm 50mm 65mm 80mm 100mm starting at 8995 USD. The focal length of the quot prime quot lens is chosen based on the HEIGHT of the image. Home Schneider Optics Cine Digitar 1. This should be possible for some 10 40 dollars on Ebay I guess. I added this lens in EF for ease of use and weight gain. Has anyone used the Isco Anamorphic Lens SINGLE FOCUS 2. Sep 07 2016 Up for sale is an Isco WIDE SCREEN 2000 MC 1. I hope to have a full review of the 1. 90 These lenses are the smallest high resolution anamorphic lens available. Price is only as a baseline up for Sep 22 2014 SLR Magic Anamorphot 2x prototype on my A7S with Zeiss 55mm F1. For anamorphic art please This rare beast might be the only all in one full frame anamorphic lens out there. The aperture range is f 2. With Gabrielle Anwar Meg Tilly Terry Kinney Reilly Murphy. 6 million more pixels than any 4K UHD flat panel and up to 1. The anamorphic setup was easy to do. That is use an Entry Level lens with an entry level projector 2X Anamorphic Prime Lenses. Anamorphic lenses used in conjunction with a PJ offer various benefits. Both are adapted to Canon EF and can also be PL mounted. 35 1 ratio. pro spec adapter the only one on the market. This is an aftermarket device that you mount in front of the projector lens itself. Meet ISCO Red Ultra star 2. If you were to put an anamorphic lens in front of a standard 4 3 picture you would widen it out to 2. See more at nbsp 21 Nov 2017 How to calibrate single focus with any anamorphic lens using the Isco Single Focusing Anamorphic kit from https www. These are 2x lenses you can achieve a less severe aspect ratio with workflow methods. This lens is designed to be mounted in front of a taking lens. 85 1 or 2. A Brief Modern History of ISCO Projector Lenses. Dec 01 2017 I have been researching a lot of anamorphic lenses and the Isco Micro lenses on eBay really caught my eye as with these you can shoot wide open at F1. Asking price is 1199 Euro. The next option for anamorphic adapters is projection lenses. The focal length of the quot prime quot lens would then be based on the WIDTH of the screen image desired. 75 filter thread. This would be the perfect companion for your new 4K projector to enjoy movies on your anamorphic screen. Isco 2x Anamorphic Lens. Mar 31 2014 The external anamorphic lens would need to horizontally expand stretch the image by the same 32 percent to restore the original image geometry. help Question If you had the opportunity to get either the Isco IIIL anamorphic lens plus the Ceneslide powered transport system or the Schneider Cine Digitar 1. e junkie. If you have a larger budget to invest our custom single focus anamorphic can be fully specced with a clamp seamless follow focus gear and is about as light in weight Hello everyone I m Tito Ferradans and this is officially the first anamorphic on a budget review. 5 mm canvas to paint your image on. Very easy to focus. The pre production SLR Magic 2x anamorphic provides coverage to a 50mm lens on a Super 35mm or APS C sensor maybe as wide as 35mm. More suited to smaller sensor cameras it was a challenge on the A7s II. 37 1 scope screen. The Moment Anamorphic Lens is the holy grail of mobile filmmaking. 7 million more pixels than even commercial theaters when delivering the movie Each lens maker has different mounting solutions and some are easier to work with than others. Included is the Cineslide automatic mount which moves the Isco in front of the projector lens when it receives a signal to expand the image to 2. This is bundled with a hoya super pro1 uv 0 filter which. Apr 16 2017. A short test of the ISCO Mini anamorphic lens. Mar 04 2013 That 39 s insane when you think about it for the last anamorphic lens attachment that I used but didn 39 t review retailed for over 10 000 just for the lens the mount and such were optional extras. 35 1. 66 1. The Kowa Prominar 2x anamorphic is currently the most underrated anamorphic. 95 59 . The lens and sled are in good condition with no known issues. Sale Price Hello I sell my anamorphic lens setup in EF mount Isco 42 Voigtlander 40. This is a very rare opportunity to purchase this very high quality lens. The thing about anamorphic lenses that appeal to videographers is the lens flare the bokeh effects the cinematic widescreen format and the creative use of sensor space. Shop with confidence. 8 1 5 Posted by Liliom Add to compare list Isco Gottingen Westron 28 mm f 4 Lens mounts M42 4. 33x adapter with a custom lens hood. Isco Micro Anamorphic Lens vs. Rented Isco 2x Anamorphic lens kit with clamps and SLR Lens. 40 1 is recommended. Mar 14 2019 They all produce blue tinted flare and create lens distortion and the 50 and 50 2. 45. Buyer should responsible for any import duty taxes levy by the shipping destination country Since the other thread has a lot of posts from non owners I think we need a thread for OWNERS only. 44. Apr 09 2017 Following right behind the Kowas B amp H 16 H and 8 Z comes the Sankor 16 D anamorphic adapter. Visually there is no scratch nor any sign of use. Schneider Optics delivers a nbsp XEIT CrystalMorphic Review Scott Horton Dec 2010. Learn why plus the story of the former great German nbsp Pentax 50mm ISCO Red Ultra Star Anamorphic Lens Test. How to mount FM Lens by Anamorphic Shop from Anamorphic Shop on Vimeo. Rent Info Owner Reviews Location. Education and support from manufactures is the key the easier it then becomes. Released along the Iscorama 36 in the late 70s the 54 is the biggest and heaviest member of the Isco family. Using projector lenses require the use of specially fitted lens nbsp 16 Apr 2017 Along with the Schneider Cinelux the Isco Ultra Star is one of the most popular and cheapest modern anamorphic adapters. The CineSlide anamorphic lens transport by TechHT was designed for use with high end ground glass lenses from Isco and Schneider. We build a quality and affordable anamorphic equipment for all beginners and It uses a Sim2 projector as does Francis Coppola Stewart StudioTek 100 CinemaScope screen ISCO III anamorphic lens CineSlide motorized lens slide Yamaha receiver with Atmos speakers Emotiva amplifier Revel subwoofer Hales speakers modified with Genesis tweeters McIntosh speakers Klipsch speakers Panasonic UHD player along with r Anamorphic A community for sharing and discussing anything about anamorphic lenses photography or cinematography. For wide angle prime lenses I use an Optex 1. 33XX Anamorphic Lens for the iPhone 6 and 6s are specific to particular makes and models of phones. 5x focus through anamorphic attachment. Very rare for these to be available in the UK. Nothing special or scientific here. Jun 13 2008 Top End ISCO II amp III Schneider and now the Horizon The pricing of the Horizon lens is in the Mid Range category although from what I hear about the performance it 39 s more than competitive at the Top End. Transport Germany runco Motorized Anamorphic Isco Lens Ii Video 169 Attachment Anamorphic Ii Transport Lens Attachment runco Motorized Isco Video Germany 169 Isco Germany 169 Watch as the Anamorphic Shop demonstrates how they mount a Focus Module or a FM lens to their DSLR camera set up. He did some magic re aligned and cleaned it inside and out. First you must set up a wide screen 2. Isco II anamorphic lens with stand. 5x anamorphic lens still producing an aspect ratio of 2. Shooting scenery with an 85mm lens September 26 2018 Tutorials This means you can use an anamorphic lens to get that anamorphic look many love. Orion Series 2x Anamorphic Primes . I just bought an isco integrated 2x anamorphic ultra mc nbsp . The idea of bringing all of the projector 39 s light to the screen and not compromising resolution is paramount in today 39 s world of high definition digital projection technology. The optics is super clean with no fungus or haze. Isco Widescreen 2000 Anamorphic Lens With Clamp 1. Known compatible attachments are ISCO Ultrastar Studio 80mm The adapter is secured by 3 screws. It has a 1. Jan 27 2016 The Rectilux 3FF W and Schneider anamorphic top next to vintage ISCO 54 left and Sankor optics. 2. 1. This is great for all of us as we have Nov 25 2014 Extra Info Up for sale is an excellent condition ISCO IIIL anamorphic lens. According to the seller you can get close up shots up to near 6 inches without use of diopters. 33x fast zoom 46 85mm f2. 33x Focus Through Anamorphic Lens Adapter which I think as a great alternative to the more expensive SLR Magic Anamorphot 1. But spending almost as much money on the lens as the projector is a bit crazy to me. This May 17 2007 Anamorphic Lenses were first used in film projection in the early 1950 39 s for the introduction of CinemaScope and are used today in all films with the wide aspect ratio of 2. 9X squeeze anamorphic lens in front of my normal camera lens to create the beautifully wide and shallow image. It weights around 950g has a full metal housing and a smooth focus ring. 3 out of 5 stars 25 99. Reason of selling I didn t use it as much as I thought I would and the lens has been sitting on the shelf Another test shot with the Canon 7D Canon 50mm f 1. Very rare lens in great working condition. A Yes in most cases unless you are lucky enough to find and Iscorama May 30 2017 Extra Info Up for sale is an excellent condition ISCO IIIL anamorphic lens. 8 prototyped modified to Single Focus 0 92m 3. We suggest you May 16 2017 But first let s take a look at the Anamorphic lens I choose to use and why. 5x is part of the Isco family but shares very little with its bigger brothers and sisters. the plan is to use the gopro with the anamorphic adapter to be up and running straight away while i cobble make something for projection lenses i bought. Reverses were NEVER as good as normals. 4 C Mount lens with Isco Ultra Star Anamorphic Test. Both are quot medium quot in size. Has some dust and minor scratches on the glass which don 39 t have any effect on the image. com The Schneide Owns manufacturers and distributes the CineSlide anamorphic lens transport system. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING HERE UNLESS YOU OWN AN RMC 1. Please watch on a larger screen for the full cinematic experience Shot with the Red ISCO nbsp 16 May 2017 Note The ISCO by itself has no filter threads at all its a projector lens remember . 33 0 10 Posted by AlekK Oct 29 2009 My review sample came with the 4 300 EN 11 Signature Series zoom lens which is the least expensive and most commonly used model. Feel free to message me with any questions. This lens will convert the 16 9 video output The mounting thread size is a standard 77mm with 72mm Step Ring included . askme. 95 lenses confirmed that they were in the early stages of developing anamorphic lenses designed for Micro 4 3 mounts like the Panasonic GH3 and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT. This one has some marking to the front element and on the body traces of use. 35 but everything would appear fat and This adapter allows using projection attachments that have 52. 35 1 or 2. 16 Previous Next. But the problem is anamorphic lenses are extremely expensive and outside the budgets of even the most professional and high end shooters. May 16 2019 The lens itself focuses from about 6 feet to infinity. Last month we reported about the new Anamorphot 65 an anamorphic lens adapter by SLR Magic that can mount to lenses with 82mm front thread like SLR Magic s own micro cinema primes and FUJINON s MK family of lenses. HOW IT WORKS. Iscorama 42 MC Very expensive but probably the best anamorphic lens besides cine anamorphics. Serial no 613169. 00 FREE shipping Favorite Add May 08 2014 The glass elements in the lenses tend to be bigger than 35mm lenses and they made really nice longer pairing lenses for my Isco. Samsung NX Zoom len Hello all I have a decent deal locally on an isco ultrastar plus anamorphic attachment. 5x 54 Isco G ttingen anamorphic lens. In my first review I shared my take on PROSKAR 16 which was the first anamorphic lens adapter I bought myself but this time I will be reviewing one of my more recent additions the OPTEX CENTRURY 16 9 1. When used with the above X35 in a long throw set up it provided a sharper image than zooming alone such is the quality of this lens. Ideally I would purchase an anamorphic lens that could slide into place when watching the proper content. 8 f 16. 8 close focus 0 92m 3. Jan 06 2017 The Isco Micro dual focus is the smallest and lightest anamorphic lens we offer and with the kit is probably the best all around anamorphic lens for the cost. Mar 21 2016 As I continue my Anamorphic journey it s time to take closer look at one of my favorite solutions so far We ve already explored a few double focusing setups including Proskar 16 amp Sankor 16F as well as some single focus options including Optex Century ISCO Wide Screen 2000 amp ISCORAMA 42 but the lens I m reviewing this time belongs to neither the first or second category. As a practical matter most anamorphic lens being offered to consumers provide about a 33 horizontal stretch which works well for movies recorded using using either 2. The image always have a bit of a barrel distortion to the image. The ISCO II is an excellent lens with a very good reputation and mine has been very carefully looked after and is in Some lenses as the Isco Micro Anamorphic Lens can perform well with a full frame camera and provide a wide anamorphic view. My lens is an ISCO GOTTINGEN Anamorphic lens Model KA298 made in Germany. 33x anamorphic I was missing in the reviews was SLR Magic s. The mounting thread size is a standard 72mm. Vintage 35 NAP2 3M 80 100mm LOMO ANAMORPHIC PROJECTOR Lens Attachment Big glass lens vintage movie cinema projector lens Rare lens 3012834 175 reviews. Shot with 5D Mark III and Magic Lantern Feb 23 2016 I am selling an ISCO II anamorphic lens in perfect condition. The isco 42 is rare the image is beautiful. Thank you for the comment. If Schneider lenses are smaller than the ISCO 3 then Check out my Anamorphic Guides https www. Nice blue flares when used with my Isco Anamorphic Attachment lens. I 39 m using an already owned Nikon D810 with eventually a nikon 85mm f 2 AI S. Isco Anamorphic Camera Lenses. S. 4 and get sharp images. It has many adjustments to achieve an optimum installation which cheaper lenses tend not to have. The aspect ratio this lens creates is so wide 3. 33X anamorphic lens and the truth changed. Price is only as a baseline up for Apr 09 2017 Following right behind the Kowas B amp H 16 H and 8 Z comes the Sankor 16 D anamorphic adapter. my favorite being the 210mm f4 mamiya seckor C that becomes a really nice 140mm when in anamorphic and is tack sharp. ISCO Optics makes one that expands the image horizontally. Sankor 16c Sankor 16c Buy Schneider Cine Digitar Anamorphic 1. Tell me if I 39 m correct. 5X lens combo with Canon 50mm FD lens FD to micro 4 3 adapter two diopters attachement systems two free Canon FD lenses 35mm 35 70mm fast zoom lens f 2. Jun 19 2016 First baby anamorphic review the Iscomorphot 8 1. 8 for Nikon. Similar Exciting Deals More Related Items large anamorphic isco lens stand mount iscooptic 2450mm f50mm 197 inc germany used iscooptic ultra star cinemascope anamorphic lens attachment iscorama anamorphic anamorphot isco 54 lens iscostat stand 77mm mount ring iscorama anamorphic anamorphot isco 36 lens iscostat stand 49mm mount ring isco ultra star hd 85mm35mm cine projector lens blue May 16 2019 Baby Isco Gottingen Anamorphot anamorphic 1. 10. . isco 2x anamorphic lens and slr magic range finder. For more information you can visit the websites of companies that manufacture and market anamorphic lenses. Order now . Registered Nov 2007 posted 02 06 2008 01 Apr 17 2020 Home Schneider Optics Cine Digitar 1. The KA298 was what we later know as the ISCO ULTRA anamorphic. 14 Oct 2018 Testing the Isco Micro Red Superscope anamorphic lens kit handheld with IBIS. VERY SMOOTH FOCUS repaired and nbsp The converted lens provides Industry standard gears for iris and focus and a robust PL mounted body The Iris drives are situated at the same distance from the film nbsp 14 Mar 2019 SLR Magic Anamorphot 50 2. Isco . May 22 2016 at 8 32 am since I reviewed the Isco 16 9 Video Attachment I the only 1. May 04 2017 Generally you d like to use 2x anamorphic lenses with 85mm prime lenses on full frame 50mm lenses on APS C Super 35 and 43mm lenses on Micro 4 3. The 1. Sep 17 2019 Up for sale is an ISCO IIIL Anamorphic lens with a Runco motorized sled. Would most likely rate the camera at 400ISO for any windowed sensor filming Testing a new anamorphic setup. Isco Germany 169 Video Attachment Ii Anamorphic Lens runco Motorized Transport Isco Germany 999. A Yes in most cases unless you are lucky enough to find and Iscorama Review mpn H FE1500M for sale H FE1500M Prismasonic FE1500M AnamorpHic Lens The prisms of H fe1500 series Have been finished by optical glass using Highest possible surface accuracy parameters during manufacturing process. 33X 2 4 1 Ratio Shot by Filmic App Phone Filmmaking Lens Compatible for iPhone 11 11 Pro iPhone X XS XR XS Max Filmmakers 3. 9K likes. A Jun 11 2020 Be the first to write a review. tferradans. It s the compact short one I see the integrated anamorphic only offer down to around 47mm or so focal length. My Isco is a rare one of only 20 in the world version of CentaVision made for the Widescreen Centre in England toward the end of the Iscorama s production run. Included are Iscorama 50mm f 2. On the eBay page you can see plenty of pictures. 7x from Vid Atlantic including vamp clamp . Simply put this is by far the best anamorphic lens we 39 ve yet seen and the first one we 39 d gladly install for use in our own home theater. May 15 2009 Anamorphic Lenses Horizontal amp Vertical As an alternative to the Zoom Method a CIH user may place an anamorphic lens in front of the projector. A teenage girl and her father discover alien clones are replacing humans on a remote U. Nov 05 2012 Not too long ago SLR Magic maker of the 12mm T 1. Jun 02 2010 The square front Russian LOMO anamorphic lenses are very authentic looking as is the Kowa Prominar 2x though focussing with these lenses is quite difficult. Other Cineluxes include the anamorphic attachments VP Cinelux and others that c an be found in their brochures. Not quite as sharp as the ISCO in the corners but lightweight and flexible. There is also a chance that by the time you read this review this promising adapter will be available for preorder. ISCO ULTRASTAR ANAMORPHIC LENS 2 nbsp Hey guys and gals this is my first post but ive been getting a lot out of this forum. I did a couple rough calculations based on my throw and screen heigh and require a 30 32mm prime. 33x read on to A forum community dedicated to home theater owners and enthusiasts. This product is nbsp 85mm Isco 2x Anamorphic Lens w Wide Angle adapter and SINGLE FOCUS. 5x Baby Iscorama Single F ANAMORPHIC LENS 1. 35 1 on a 16 9 sensor you are using the same focal length of a 50mm for example but getting a much wider area of coverage. 33X Anamorphic Lens Review Alert Moderator Use this form if the comment contains offensive or otherwise inappropriate content. FM Lens can be adapted to all1 anamorphic and cinema projection Taken with a Nikkor H 85mm F 1. My LOMO square fronts cover FF S35 APS H on the EPIC X but give no where near the coverage this lens provides. Review Schneider null MOMENT Anamorphic Lens for smart phones 1. For prime lenses 35mm and narrower I use an ISCO Widescreen 2000 which you can sometimes find on eBay for 700 1000. 6 in windowed mode definitely noticed more noise at native 800 iso in windowed mode. According to Digital Projection the company is simply passing on the extra cost it 39 s not making any more profit on the fixed lens version. 5x which a projection lens same as the Proskar but benefits from single focusing capabilities of Century Optex camera attachment lenses. So an 85mm lens with an anamorphic attachment will look like a 42. Sep 06 2010 Just came into possession of an old Filmorama anamorphic adapter from Bell and Howell. 55. Does anyone out there know what this would look like in the real world. Anamorphic lens dslr 2017 11 12 12. However due to the wider aspect ratio of digital sensors compared to 35mm film 2x anamorphic lenses produce a super wide 3. Remember that with a 2x anamorphic lens you are doubling your field of view. View More Reviews Get 20 off your first rental. Oct 21 2018 Check out my Anamorphic Guides https www. Come join the discussion about home audio video TVs projectors screens receivers speakers projects DIY s product reviews accessories classifieds and more Feb 23 2016 I am selling an ISCO II anamorphic lens in perfect condition. Anamorphic lens black Runco 1. 2 1 InFocus Proxima Projection Lens IOB This Thing is Huge MiNTY 471 471 reviews 79. 100mm lens I guess diameter 62 5 mm. May 18 2014 The original forum devoted to anamorphic filmmaking. Please contact us for more information. Prismasonic. This way you can set the projector to project a squished 4 3 image using all the projector 39 s avaliable pixels and then stretch it into the proper 16 9 format using the lense. It is a fantastic lens but also multi coated sadly KOWA PROMINAR. 0. 40 1. This is great for all of us as we have Dec 01 2017 I have been researching a lot of anamorphic lenses and the Isco Micro lenses on eBay really caught my eye as with these you can shoot wide open at F1. 33x and ISCO Widescreen 2000 1. 39 1 1024 429 theatrical aspect ratio is always in anamorphic widescreen format. Like New and in prisitine condition The lens needs no introduction . Minimum focusing distance is 5 f The mounting thread size is a standard 77mm with 72mm Step Ring included . Field width is a bit over 5 inches. Blue Kowa 16 H 2X Anamorphic Lens Rapido FVD 16A Cosmicar 75mm f 1. 4. Similar Exciting Deals More Related Items vintage isco gottingen 135mm f28 teleiscaron lens for classic exakta mount large anamorphic isco lens stand mount cinelux ultra mc iscogottingen 125mm f2 projectionprojector lens film 3570 iscogottingen cinelux ultra mc flat lens 55mm217 in 3 iscogottingen cinelux ultra mc flat lens 55mm217 in 2 rare vintage tower dual lens camera iscogottingen ISCO lenses are ISCO lenses. Effective focal length 19mm f 2. It allows CinemaScope viewing at much lower throw ratios than other lenses and has glass quality way above that in virtually all consumer projectors available at any price. The front threads are 72mm same as most Canon L primes. The minimum focal setting mark is 17 feet but it goes even further down than that so it will do the trick in any decent size room. Jan 06 2016 My anamorphic journey started with a double focusing Proskar 16 2x setup followed by focus through Century Optex 1. Anamorphic projector lenses work in three simple steps. The glass is in perfect shape. 8 1. Apparently JVC offers a mode that allows for viewing 16x9 material with a fixed anamorphic lense. com anamorphic AskMeAnamorphic send away your questions http www. This is the holy grail of all anamorphic lenses with a single focus solution. Schneider Kreuznach WA Cinelux Anamorphic 2X Lens in EXCELLENT Condition with clamp kit for various Schneider Kreuznach lenses. 8 Sep 07 2007 Now our lens solutions are Panamorph UH380. An email message will be sent to our moderators who will take appropriate action if necessary. 5x A used Isco widescreen 2000 anamorphic lens supplied with a lens clamp. Please refer to the photos. If you have a larger budget to invest our custom single focus anamorphic can be fully specced with a clamp seamless follow focus gear and is about as light in weight TFerradans. The reason there is no real review of their quot rangefinder quot is that nobody with nbsp Find great deals on eBay for isco anamorphic lens 1. ISCO lenses are nbsp A tiny little anamorphic lens and rare case. 33X 2X Best GH5 Anamorphic Setup How to Use Canon AE 1 amp Review Digital to Analog Experience Paragliders at Mussel Rock GH5 60fps 21 9 GH5 Green Screen Setup amp 10 bit 422 w Atomos Ninja Flame GH5 4k 60fps Stabliization Test Tenderloin SF Jan 22 2020 What is the difference in an anamorphic lens I have not been able to find any reviews of them anywhere. com isco Gear shown Pa Isco Ultra Star Modern 2x Anamorphic Lens Review. Regardless of the camera formats used in filming distributed prints of a film with a 2. It is used only when 16 9 anamorphic DVD material that is a 16 9 image horizontally compressed into 4 3 is the signal source. For the setup I Just needed a rail system to fit the lens because my isco is so damn big and heavy. An anamorphic lens goes on the lense of a projector and stretches the image in width. ANAMORPHIC LENS Isco Gottingen ISCOMORPHOT 8 1. This is certainly very exciting for any lower budget or DSLR level shooters who have so far been deprived of any low cost anamorphic shooting options May 07 2014 This is all one single actuation. This is a sample video shot on that configuration https www. Partners with selected high end OEM 39 s system integrators home theater specialists specialized installers and dealers to provide excellence in 2. But it 39 s over my last lovely lens and close to new condition here it is a very rare beast indeed. with inner lock ring very safe. I have been able to find some for 2000 and then they jump to around 5000 to 6000. The taking lens in this video was almost always f16 or similar. Jan 03 2018 ISCO III Anamorphic lens probably the best anamorphic lens available for a home cinema system. I have spent a lot of time and money to bring this one back to life. They are not designed specifically for this use but have become popular. 5X lens combo Canon 50mm FD lens May 7 2012 Baby Isco Gottingen Anamorphot anamorphic 1. In our quest for new looks we recently purchased an Isco Gottingen 2x anamorphic lens. is a full line dealer for Schneider Optics 39 Anamorphic lenses. If the lens has the quot MC quot designator Multi coated and isn 39 t cloudy with carbon soot then it should be fine though it is a quot reverse quot anamorhpic. You cannot use an anamorphic lens on a standard picture that is not meant to be shown in quot scope quot anamorphic. Details about XL ANAMORPHIC LENS CLAMP 72mm 77mm SANKOR KOWA ISCO SINGER ZEISS amp MORE 2 Sizes in 1 Kit 77mm base and 72mm ring included Be the first to write a review . 5 mm barrel diameter on lenses with M67x0. Panamorph s Paladin DCR lens system works with the anamorphic upconversion modes now incorporated into all new Sony and JVC 4K 4096 projectors repurposing unused black letterbox bars to deliver 2. The LA7200 is good but you need diopters to shoot with fast lenses or achieve a close focus. 8 out of 5 stars 35 59. 8 C mount Closeup Adaptor Adaptor ring. I wouldn 39 t want to put a junk lens on an 8000 projector. 2pcs 35 NAP2 3M 80 110mm 35mm film PROJECTOR ANAMORPHIC Attachment lens BOXED. Before and After shots using a Canon 5D Mark II Nikon 100mm f2. Nov 01 2011 This feature will allow users with an anamorphic lens system to get a new GUI that is specially created for the wider 2. Anamorphic lens by Moment does require a proprietary mount. 25x S Isco Weedcreen Attachment Anamorphic Lens Beast Mint Box 37 similar 78 1 when used with a The products are sold in this condition from photos. Hi time is growing short and I need to make some decisions and would like everyone 39 s opinion on these two Anamorphic lens plus their transport system. Isco Anamorphic Camera Lenses This is the early and more desirable non coated Pre 36 version of this panovision style lens. Anamorphot 1. 39 1 ratio without having to make that sacrifice in resolution. Our lens of choice for episode one is the almighty Iscorama 54. Write a review. U Feb 18 1994 Directed by Abel Ferrara. Ulanzi Anamorphic Lens 1. One downside of the anamorphic lens beyond the already discussed issues is that it is designed for content to be either 1. if you are looking for one of the best Sep 01 2020 Iscorama 36 Isco G ttingen Cinegon lens 10mm f1. Those who know me know that I deal in Isco Schneider lenses and while I love them they are very nbsp All Isco II Lens are now sold but we do supply Prismasonic and Panamorph anamorphic lenses. Together wit the lens you will receive a self build sliding system to move the lens in and out of the projection light. Isco Gottingen Westrogon 24 mm f 4 Lens mounts M42 Nikon F FX DX Exakta Topcon 3. For example by quot squishing quot the aspect ratio of a 2. Anamorphic lenses provide a means to capture a 2. In cinema the anamorphic lens is a horizontal expansion lens based on 2x magnification in the horizontal direction. 50mm anamorphic lens enamel pin perfect for cinematographers filmmakers photographers lenses production wrap gifts 898 898 reviews ISCO Optic 112mm Jan 27 2016 The Rectilux 3FF W and Schneider anamorphic top next to vintage ISCO 54 left and Sankor optics. 33x. Schnider. FREE No Reviews Available. 33X Anamorphic Lens Review Feb 5 2007. also bought an anamorphic lens for the gopro. 95 Jun 09 2020 Baby Isco Gottingen Anamorphot anamorphic 1. 0x Anamorphic Adapter B amp H Amazon 16mm 2. This is one complete lens with it s original Isco Nikon f2. 6 and 50mm T 0. Panamorph makes a lens that compresses the 4 3 image vertically. Amazing lens to shoot anamorphic video on a budget. 95. 35 1 movies an optional 12 995 anamorphic package features an Isco anamorphic lens in a motorized sled. 1 Plus 70mm diameter Specs Outer Diameter 70mm Taking lens Diameter rear of lens aprox 58 60mm Filter thread N A need an adapter Rear Thread N A need an adapter called a taking lens adapter or anamorphic clamp Generally the only moving parts on an anamorphic lens itself have to do with their focus mechanism for ground glass adjustable focus lenses like the Isco Schneider etc. Ratings and Reviews. 0x models give you oval bokeh one of the classic signs of anamorphic shooting. Directly adaptable to your EF mount camera I bought the isco at Artcinemedia last year. Our next stop is one of the legendary ISCORAMA lenses which outside of proper anamorphic cine lenses are the most respected anamorphic solutions for video use. Anamorphic on a Budget 1. 55 1 For our short film we will probably crop this back down to a 2. 45 787 views45K views. 27 Screen shot 2018 05 10 at 7. Apr 16 2017 Isco Ultra Star Anamorphic Adapter Review April 16 2017 Along with the Schneider Cinelux the Isco Ultra Star is one of the most popular and cheapest modern anamorphic adapters. 3 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 3. 01ft without diopter to infinity 39 Jul 06 2004 When you use the anamorphic lens in projection it widens out the original squeezed picture. 3 product ratings. 4 Iscorama Anamorphot 1. lab Jan 21 2010 Interestingly the fixed lens adds 1000 to the price because of its superior optics. XL Anamorphic Lens Clamp Kit from Vid Atlantic. 0 x Anamorphic eBay ISCO Ultrastar Anamorphic Lenses eBay nbsp Buy Anamorphic Lens ISCO Micro Ready to Shoot Package Attachment for DSLR GH4 GH5 Canon BMPCC. Video OppoMod UDP 203 Xbox One JVC DLA 990 Isco 3L anamorphic lens on motorized sled amp 105 quot Seymour Screen Excellence EN4K acoustically transparent motorized 2. Others like the Moondog Labs 1. Sep 07 2007 Now our lens solutions are Panamorph UH380. I tested it on Canon 50 f1 2 and 135 f2 lenses but the ideal S Isco Anamorphic Ultra Star HD High Definition 2x Cinemascope rails and mount South Dakota ISCO Anamorphic Cinemascope Lens ISCO produces anamorphic lenses for home theatre use in the same manner that they have been produced for movie theatres around the world. 33x Shootout Intruder . 40 1 formats. This is our last goodbye I hate to feel the love between us die. However last week we lit up a projector with the Schneider Optics Cine Digitar 1. May 07 2014 This is all one single actuation. Another option is an ISCO anamorphic lens with motorized sled which costs an additional 13 000. In long throw situations an anamorphic lens may be oriented such that it REDUCES the magnification in the vertical direction by a factor of 1 2. 8 lens mount and an M42 mount. 5x anamorphic lenses. This is the pinnacle of anamorphic lenses and will outlast any projector purchase. 5x squeeze ratio. 35 1 capabilities. 8 FE Blackmagic review SLR Magic Anamorphic footage with Andrew Chan. 55 1 ratio with a 1. These original 1990 era cinema lenses from Isco are precise and pristine with unsurpassed build quality rendering tack sharp anamorphic images even at 6K resolution. isco anamorphic lens review